Effective, Efficient and Eco-friendly

Waterless washing is not new. In fact it has been applied for many years already in specialised car cleaning environments. The pressure on natural resources in economies around the world is now leading to the wider application and acceptance of waterless cleaning technologies.


Nano Technology

The key element in our waterless wash products is nano technology.  Nano technology is described as the science and technology of small things…and we mean really small…as in 3 atoms long! (To put this in perspective, a human hair is between 60,0000 and 80,000 nanometers thick… we are talking less than 100 nanometers.)

“With materials under 100 nanometres, the normal rules of physics and chemistry no longer apply and many materials start to display unique and, sometimes, surprising properties. They may become very much stronger, more conductive or reactive. For example, solids like gold turn into liquids at room temperature, silver takes on anti-microbial properties, inert materials like platinum and gold become catalysts, stable materials like aluminium become combustible. These new properties have opened up exciting fields of study and application”

Nano Composites

By adding nanoparticles and nanostructures to a polymer, a nanocomposite is formed. These materials can be super-strong, light, conducting and transparent. Applications include aeronautic and automobile industries, scratch-resistant coatings; self-cleaning windows, fuel cells.

And that’s where MobeeCarWash comes in. The nanotechnology in our waterless wash products ensure that we are able to wash your car without using water and leave it with a shine that you seldom see from water based soaps and chemicals.


Spray on target surface

Our exterior wash product contains wax polymers and the nano magic described above and is applied as a fine mist spray to the surface of the vehicle.


Remove Dirt

The product encapsulates the dirt particles and lifts them from the surface, allowing the dirt to be wiped off in a single one-directional movement with a suitable quality microfiber cloth.


Wax and shine

The residue wax is then buffed to a shine using a clean microfiber cloth, effectively washing and polishing at the same time!