Who We Are

  • John Pratt

    No team is complete without its own “Gandalf” and this is the role that John plays…not necessarily in imparting wisdom, but definitely by increasing the teams’ average age. Accountant, restauranteur and sales specialist, John is charged with growing our business and partner base and engaging with you, to make sure that we are on the right path in delivering the best possible experience to our user-base.

    • Trevor Mehl
      Trevor Mehl Director Client Liaison

      After a successful career in IT Infrastructure Management, Trevor has joined MobeeCarWash and heads our Client Liaison portfolio and provides a valuable link between our sales and operations team, ensuring that what we promise our clients is delivered. Trevor is passionate about getting things “done right” and going the extra mile…which is reflected in his love of long distance running. He brings this determination and staying power to MobeeCarWash.

      • Miche Edwards
        Miche Edwards Office Administrator

        Miche joins our dynamic team and ensures that our facilities are well managed. She ensures that everything from incoming and outgoing stock, to our mobile fleet preparation, onsite staff and operations run at optimum levels. Miche loves new adventures and living life to the fullest.

        Our History

        MobeeWash is changing the way you think about cleaning your car, van, 4×4…or anything on two, four or more wheels! An online platform which is available on the Apple and Android platforms, MobeeWash connects you with a network of passionate, qualified vehicle detailing specialists.

        The ‘brainchild” of our founder Sean O’Connell, entrepreneur, techie and self-confessed petrol-head, MobeeWash was born out of a desire to offer a convenient, professional and classy vehicle clean!

        But more than that, Sean saw an opportunity to create a mechanism that would offer opportunities to budding entrepreneurs and the ranks of unemployed across South Africa.

        Easy to use and secure, MobeeWash lets you book your detailing service and pay online…and then rate our service once we are done! Plus, we are hooked into all the major social platforms so that you can keep tabs on what we are doing!

        MobeeWash is a company in the Bumblebee Group, a Level 1 BEE technology solutions provider based in Cape Town, South Africa.


        The World is changing…fact! We live our lives faster and more connected than ever before. We shop online for just about anything, catch a ride from wherever we are to wherever we want to be and order food in from fast food outlets and great restaurants without even thinking about it!

        Online Services

        Now MobeeCarWash offers the same level of convenience and online service to keep your car clean. Using the MobeeWash platform, we can wash your car anywhere you are! We bring you a great service and a clean car with the minimum fuss.

        Eco-friendly Environment

        We also want to minimise the impact on Mother Nature so we use only eco-friendly, waterless products that are great for your car and will keep it looking as good as new.