Why your car (and the environment) will love you for going Waterless

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We wash cars by hand using eco-friendly waterless technology, meaning that there is no water wastage or any pollutants left behind to harm the environment. The preferred MobeeWash products are the Pearl Global range of innovative, waterless detailing and vehicle protection systems. Pearl products are completely non-hazardous and certified eco-friendly making them a truly environment-friendly solution.

Imagine dropping a brick into liquid wax? The wax will coat the brick completely and if moved across a car’s surface will not scratch or cause any damage. Well that’s what a good quality waterless wash can achieve! Washing a vehicle with waterless technology just needs the right product, the right application method and a good quality microfibre cloth (Correct!!…not all microfibre cloths are the same!).

The nano technology and special ingredients contained in Pearl waterless scratch-free formulations, wrap the dirt and release it from the surface of the car. This allows the dirt to be easily wiped away and the residue wax buffed with a microfibre cloth to create instant shine. Not only that, but waterless car wash products add an extra layer of protection against dust, grime and dirt from the road, keeping the car cleaner and shinier for longer.

You can rest assured that our highly trained MobeeWashers know exactly how to treat your car properly and clean it to perfection.

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